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Updated: Apr 25

Defiant. The word usually is geared towards the negative. It is also usually associated with children. Disobedience. Rebellious. However, there is a different definition of that word. Defiant also means boldly resistant. To resist what is happening, to stand up against something, speak out against something going on, or bravely and boldly stand for something. That is harder now than ever before. People on social media troll you, degrade you, call you names, want to or ask that you get fired from your job, and more so they can silence you. Companies try to control what you say on social media and in public. They want you to support their opinions but not have your own. They fire people with opinions. They fire people who won’t take a vaccine. We live in a country that forces people, directly and indirectly, to do things that they don’t want to do. Sadly, we have come to this point. The spot where reason and freedoms are drained like sand in an hourglass. Little by little, we lose freedoms. For those that don’t comply, common sense is out the window.

Even before COVID, Christians seem to just go through the motions. To do our duty on Sunday morning. Get it over as quickly as possible. Living in our own little bubble. Waiting on Jesus to change the world. Spending time with Him only on Sunday or when we need something. Looking all Holy on Sunday. Telling everyone how blessed and highly favored you are. These are serious times, and it calls for warriors. No more going through the motions on Sunday morning. The foundations should shake on Sunday morning with the sound of worship. Our hearts crying out for the living God. Crying out for Him. We are not at church for blessings, money, favor, or anything else for us. We are there to honor our King! When we do that, there will be no more waiting for the service the get over or trying to get it over as quickly as possible. We won’t want to leave. No longer will we live in a bubble. No more me, myself, and I. No more focused on ourselves but praying for our cities, our states, our country, and the world. We would want to spend time with Him each and every day. No more using Jesus as our personal ATM machine. Going into our prayer closets and worshipping Him, telling how much we love Him, telling Him how worthy He is. Spending time with Him because we love Him, not because we need something. No more looking all Holy on Sunday morning but inside being torn up from the floor up. We would be comfortable in talking about our issues, being there for others, not judging. No longer saying all the religious jargon yet having all sorts of issues that we want to hide in fear of not looking spiritual. No more!

When we as Christians stand up and be defiant, we can shake the world. We can defy the stereotypes labeled on Christians as weak, judgmental, pushovers, hypocrites, and more. We can call on the name of Jesus. Pray harder than we have ever prayed before. Worship harder than we have ever worshipped before, with all our hearts. Drawing closer to Him, walk with Him, love Him, and be his image of God’s love and mercy in our world. How do we do that? Be defiant! Be bold! I am not saying be rude, judgmental, condescending, accusatory, or anything like that. That is why many people don’t go to church anymore. They use their WWJD bracelet as an excuse to be the way they want to be. You will never win someone over by being that way. Jesus could call religious leaders vipers and got away with it because He had the authority to speak any way He wants to. We do not. Also, He only spoke to religious leaders that way. He never called the weak, sick, or non-believers names, demean them, or anything like that. He showed mercy, love, and kindness.

The bottom line, stand up for what is right. Live a life worthy of the calling you have received. No one is perfect on this Earth. Stand up and show others what a follower of Jesus should look like. Be the real thing, not a masked-up version trying to cover up all our flaws. Dedicate time each and every day praying, seeking Him, worshipping Him. Show Him He has value in your life. He is the center of our lives and deserves better than many Christians have given Him for a long time. Every day you have a brand new opportunity to be a reflection of His love, His mercy, His glory, and more. Words are meaningless without action. We will win more people over when they see Jesus in us. They will listen more intently to our words when our daily actions reflect Jesus. Are you reflecting on Jesus today? Every day I am going to make every effort into doing just that, reflecting His glory!

Today’s Prayer

Jesus, I love you! I honor you as Lord of my life. You are everything to me, so I give my everything to you. Lord, I ask that you fill us with your presence, your heart, your glory that we become a reflection to the world of how awesome, how mighty, how Holy you truly are. It is all about you Jesus. We live to serve you. We live to please you. Show us your ways, show us your glory, give us your heart that others may see and want you as much or more than we do. In Jesus' name.


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