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Eliminate the going to Hell tactic

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I am of the opinion that we need to eliminate the questions like “If you died today, do you know where you are going?” This includes anything similar to it. Before some of you lynch me or call me names, please read on…

These types of statements are true. A sinner will go to Hell unless they repent. They are biblically sound questions as far as being factual, but most of the time accomplishes nothing. This fear tactic might bring them to an altar but when they get up, most of them go back to where they were or struggle on what is next. They might cry, show remorse, even say the prayer asking Jesus in their heart.

However, if their representation of God is fear, death, punishment, and more, then they will not see the true nature of Jesus. The love. The compassion. The mercy. The forgiveness. The true heart of Jesus. That should be our focus. Jesus desires a relationship with each of us. That relationship is built on His love, His mercy, His compassion, His passion for us. Talking about that can help change lives. It can help them see the real Jesus. The loving Jesus. The Jesus that pursues them, wants them, wants nothing but good for them, and that he created them (and us) for His glory, and His honor.

It is very true we are saved from a punishment of Hell when we give our life to Jesus, but in most cases it is not a life changing decision. It is a short-term decision to stay out of Hell but will struggle with the real change that needs to be made. Their whole heart needs to change. The whole heart can only change when Jesus, the loving Jesus, comes in. His love comes in and show them a love they have never experienced before. He lavishes them with His love and in turn, they lavish on Him. Love pours out. Forgiveness pours out. Worship pours out. Their life is never, EVER the same!

Today’s prayer

Jesus, we love you! We can never say it enough. We love you! Lord, help us with the right words, the right actions, the very heart of you when we speak to others. When we talk about you and how great you are. Give us the words Lord. Let others see your very heart coming out of us. Thank you Jesus!

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