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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I have heard that word a lot in church over the years. Emotionalism. People that worship strong, heartfelt, pouring out their love on Him. The ones that do not do this call it emotionalism. Why? These are the same people that will be at a football game screaming their heads off, making noise, raising their hands, applauding, and more. Is that also emotionalism? They wouldn’t call it that. They would say that is their passion, their football team. While I love sports, particularly football, baseball, and hockey. However, it is no where near my love for Jesus. Not even in the same ballpark (pun intended).

In reality, their passion for Jesus is not as strong as their passion for other things. Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the game, participating in the fun, scream your head off, pull for your team. Absolutely nothing. The issue is doing that while saying it is emotionalism when there are passionate people about Jesus. Those that want to pour out their love on Him. Those that want to sing to the top of their lungs for Him. That want to bow in his presence. Those that want to give Him everything and they have an issue with it because they don’t give Him everything.

I think about the story of the woman with the alabaster jar of perfume. She was not welcome at the house where Jesus was. They all knew who she was and what she was. My guess is some of them knew because they had been with her. She arrived at the house with a very expensive perfume. She saw how Jesus was being treated. She decided that they were not going to treat Jesus this way. She burst onto the scene. She fell at Jesus’s feet. Her tears pouring down. People around her talking, telling her to stop, telling her she is not welcome. She poured out her very expensive perfume. She washed His feet with her tears. When someone is forgiven much, their love is much. The point is this. When you are forgiven this much, when you are healed from leprosy, when your child is raised from the dead, when you are healed of a blood infirmity that you have had for twelve years, when you walk for the first time in nearly 40 years, It’S EMOTIONAL!! So, I ask you, why are you not more emotional when it comes to Jesus? Where is your passion for Him? Where is your voice when it comes time to worship? I encourage you to pour out your heart to Him. Tell Him how much you want Him. How much you need Him. Tell Him how much you love Him. Open your alabaster jar and pour it out on Him. He deserves it all!

Today’s prayer

Jesus, we love you. We can never say it enough, we love you!! Lord, help us with our judgmental attitudes. Help us increase our passion for you. We want to pour out our love on you. We want to worship you with our whole heart. We want to give you everything, just as you gave everything for us. Help us Lord, become what you want us to be, love as you love, have compassion for all mankind, and live our life to bring you glory and honor. In Jesus name.


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