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Fear is the biggest lie

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

In March 2020, The United States entered into a new world. COVID changed all of us in many ways. Our friends and loved ones became sick. Some passed away. Fear griped our country. We gave up freedoms we have never give up before. We gave into fear. We listened to the media and politicians, both with ulterior motives to push their agendas. We gave into fear. We see people mocking and jumping all over others that are not vaccinated or wearing masks. Many are on board of mandating vaccines for everyone. Giving up freedoms so many died for. We gave into fear. Fear has ruled many people since March 2020. This is not a political post but using current world happenings to write about the topic of this article, fear.

Fear can take over our lives if we allow it. Fear can stop of us from living and honoring the Lord, which is exactly what the enemy wants. He wants to keep you quiet. He wants you to live in fear. He wants you to think you don’t belong, you’re not worthy, you can’t speak, you can’t sing, you can’t do this or that. He wants you to stay quiet, complacent, focused on anything but Jesus, and simply disengaged. He wants you to fear what is going on in the world. He wants your focus on the bad things and your thoughts off of Jesus. Why is that? Fear can be so gripping, it will control every aspect of your life. If FEAR is gripping your life, controlling your life, then that takes control away from the one who should be in control.

Changes in your life start with drawing closer to Jesus. You do that by giving Him control, by turning things over to Him, allowing Him to guide your life instead of fear dictating your life. You do that by loving on Him, telling Him how much you want Him, spending time every day with Him, and making Him the priority in your life. When you do that, Jesus comes in and that fear has to leave. Those feelings of not belonging, not being worthy, fear of speaking, fear of singing, and other fears have to leave. Does it make everything perfect, no issues, no fear, walk on water, or sunshine every day? Of course not! There will be days with issues, problems, fears, sickness, financial issues, marriage issues, and more. The difference is going through things in our life becomes less when he becomes more.

So, when fear comes in. When feelings of inadequacy come in. When the world seems hopeless, get closer to Him. The everlasting hope. The only one that matters. Give him all that he deserves, which is everything. When you do, watch that fear flee at the name of Jesus!

Today’s Prayer

Jesus, you are everything to me. I need you! I want you! I ask that you come, empty me of fear, anxiety, and anything else that is not of you. Then fill me with your Holy Spirit. Give me your heart, your thoughts, your desires, and your passions. Ignite a fire within me that is not quenched by anything else but you Jesus! Fan that flame that will burn bright for you. A fire that will spread like a wildfire! I lay myself on the altar, giving up all of me for all of you! No more fear in Jesus name!


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