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Hurting in church

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I am sitting here trying to decide what to write about. My kids are at Youth service at church. I am waiting for it to be done. I am at a restaurant. Noise all around me. People walking by. In their own little world. I wonder, how many of them are struggling with something. Maybe a sickness. Maybe a death in the family. Maybe a job loss. Maybe financial problems. Maybe they are doing well in their own mind but still in need of something or someone to fill the void in them. The hole deep inside of them that no one knows about. Do they know Jesus? Maybe. Do they need Jesus? Absolutely.

We all need Him. We need Him more than we could ever express. More than we could ever put into words or even want to admit. Many Christians go to church in hopes of something changing but leaves the same way. The same issues. The same problems. Feelings of hopelessness. Anxiety. Depression. Going through the motions in church, trying to look like they have it all together. To look Holy. Spiritual. Like they are walking with Jesus in the cool of the day. If we only knew what they were going through. Many will not share or share with only a few because they have been hurt in church. Treated poorly. Saw the true you and stayed away from you. A Pastor hurt them. A church leader hurt them. A “long standing member” hurt them. It could be a number of things, but one thing always rings true, we all need Him. We ALL have issues, attitudes, problems. We are all human with human frailties, and we should always keep that in mind when speaking to someone. Robin Williams always said, “Be kind to people always because you never know what they are going though right now.” A profound statement.

Jesus is the only one who was perfect and walked on water. We are not. The question is why can we not get past the hurt, the anger, the frustration and learn to trust again? The church family should be a support system for each other. To build each other up. To be there for each other when things are going on. Not to tear down, speak poorly of, and treat them as less of a Christian because of what they have going on in their life. Church should be a judgement free zone but is not. We should all be asking Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help us with this. To help us see people through Jesus’s eyes and His heart. If we could ever reach that point, our lives would never be the same, our churches would never be the same, and we would show the world that we are different, and they could be too.

Today’s Prayer

Jesus, we love you! We could never say it enough. We love you Jesus! Lord, help us with our treatment of others. Help us see them as you saw people while on Earth. Your forgiveness, your mercy, your love, your kindness. Give us more of your heart to love and your eyes to see the good in people and love them like you do. In Jesus name.


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