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Jesus’s love knows no limits

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

When someone talks about Jesus’s love for us, it will always come up short. That is not a negative towards the person speaking, it is rather a statement of His love knowing no limits. We have heard many times from sermons to take the limits off. Take the limits off our faith. Take the limits off our expectations. Take the limits off this. Take the limits off that. How about take the limits off His love because there are no limits to His love.

God sent His son as an expression of His love for us. Everything Jesus did was an expression of His love for us. Every time he raised someone from the dead. Every time he healed someone. Every time He delivered someone. Every time He was spit on. Every time He was slapped. Every time He was beat on. Every time He was mocked. Every time He was rejected. Every time the whip with the razors in it dug into His skin. Every drop of blood. Every nail in His body. The spear that pierced His side. Everything!

At any time, He could have said, enough! They are not worth it. I can’ t take anymore. Why bother with the way they are treating me, or they will treat me throughout the years. He did not do that. He loved them so much he did it all for them. He loves us so much He did it all for us. For our sin. He paid the ultimate price of all of us. To rip the veil and give us all access to Him. He laid His life down for all of us. We owe Him nothing. However, we should choose to give Him everything. Not because we owe Him anything. We should make that choice because of our love for Him. Take off the limits of our love for Him and how we think He loves us. You will see a greater love than we could ever imagine.

Today’s prayer

Jesus, we love you. We can never say it enough. Jesus, we love you! Lord, give us more of your heart. Let us see with love. Act with love. Speak with love. Work with love. Live with love. More love than we could ever imagine. Let’s us show YOUR love to the world each and every day. In Jesus name.


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