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Men of God

Men. Traditionally people of strength, power, authority, leadership, control, and command. Most men were brought up being told “Big boys don't cry” or “Be a big boy, don’t cry.” First of all, please stop saying that to your children. Words are more powerful than some realize. Second, strength does not mean being closed off. It does not mean not showing emotion. It does not mean you can’t show love. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

Jesus showed emotion. He wept. He showed compassion. He cried. He showed His love for us. Do you doubt His strength? Do you question His power or authority? Do you wonder if he was a “real man?” Of course not! He showed his strength by showing compassion. He showed His power by healing countless people. He showed His authority by giving forgiveness to so many. He showed His strength by defeating death, Hell, and the grave. The traits of Jesus, including compassion, emotion, love, weeping, and more define Jesus. Those traits that we are told from a little boy all the way up through teen years and manhood that we should not do because it shows weakness are actually a reflection of strength.

The world needs us. As men, the world needs us to be real men. Real men of Jesus. Men that are not afraid of showing their emotions. Not afraid of crying. Not afraid of showing their love. Their love for their wife. Their love for their children. Their love for Jesus. It is time for men to stand up. Show their strength. Their strength with compassion, love, forgiveness, and emotion. This will connect men with Jesus more than they could ever imagine. A deeper connection, love, and hunger for Jesus that will change their life forever! It will connect them with their wife more than ever before. A stronger, healthier marriage. Your wife will be ecstatic. Her husband and father of her children chasing Jesus? Her husband being the example for their children that will impact generations? It will connect them with their children more than ever before. A connection that is absolutely necessary, more than ever before.

Men have been duped. They have been taught their entire life strength means leadership through emotionless, disengagement, and dispassionate behaviors. That is a lie from the enemy. It is misinformation from leadership in our churches. In fact, show your emotion. Let it pour out of you!! Speak and lead with passion, love, and obsession!! Passion for Jesus that is indescribable. Love that knows no bounds. An obsession for His kingdom that shakes the very foundation of Hell! This is the example that Jesus gave us men. A passion for people. A passion for helping others. A love and compassion that many people will never understand. An obsession for Jesus. An obsession for His glory, His kingdom, and having more of Him. We must come to a point where our desire and hunger for Him consumes us!! When we need Him more than our next breath. Not just for us, but for our wife, our children, our grandchildren, from generation to generation!

Today’s prayer

Jesus, we love you!! We could never say it enough, we love you! Jesus, raise up men to fear the Lord. Raise them up to hunger and thirst for you. Men of integrity, honesty, and passion for you. That they take their place of authority in their household. To be an example for their children for you Jesus. To see your passion, your love, your compassion. Set them on fire for you Jesus! In Jesus name.


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