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Men of God- Be the Husband He is called you to be

Being a man is tough. You wear many hats in your family, in your church, on your job, and more. Things pull you from every direction. The quick decisions you have to make for yourself, your job, your family, and your church can be overwhelming. Your wife needs you, your kids need you, your job needs you, your church & leadership needs you. You have so many things coming at you at any minute in the day there may be times when you don’t know what to do first. What is the priority? What effects will this decision have? How will this decision impact myself, my family, my job, my church? You are designed to be the leader of your home. The Pastor of your home. Meaning the spiritual leader of your home. That DOES NOT mean your wife is less, rather she is your Queen. She is your partner in life.

I personally believe the underlying cause of divorces and marriage problems comes down to one thing. Selfishness. There are many facets of selfishness but it is the underlying cause. Putting your needs & wants ahead of your wife and children. Major problem. You want to know what will strengthen your marriage? Be a servant. A servant for your wife, your children, and your family. Jesus was the perfect example of this. He placed the needs of countless people ahead of His own. He led by being a servant. Treat her like the Queen she is. Take care of her. If she is the awesome woman you wanted to marry, she will appreciate it. Hopefully, she will take the example and do the same for you. Treat you like the king of the house. Honor each other as King & Queen of your home. Your children will also get to see how you treat each other, how you serve each other, respect each other, and love each other and hopefully will follow the example.

I told my teenage boys there is one great way to test the personality and character of a girl they are interested in. Treat her like a Queen. Take care of her. If she appreciates it, says Thank you regularly, and makes efforts to treat you just as good, you know you have a good person of high character. If she takes advantage of it, dump her immediately. It’s a good first step in choosing the right person for you. I am truly blessed with an amazing woman. Blessed doesn’t even say enough. She loves Jesus more than she loves me. She is more passionate about Jesus than she is me. She desires Him more than she desires me. I wouldn’t have it any other way! If your mate loves Jesus more than she loves you, her love for you will also grow. When you give your heart to Jesus he makes your heart whole. When she loves Jesus with that whole heart, Jesus will teach her more about loving someone than any book, teaching, church, or other people could ever teach her.

Divorces are running rampant in this world and more specifically the church. Men, we need to stand up and be Men again. To be the Pastor of our home, the spiritual leader. Pray for our wives, our children, and our marriages. Be men of strength, honor, integrity, and love Jesus more than anything!

Today’s prayer

Jesus, we love you!! We could never say it enough, we love you! Jesus, re-engage us with our wives. Strengthen our marriage. Show us how to love each other the way you love us. Help us be the spiritual leaders of our homes. Help us become the husbands you desire us to be. In Jesus’ name.


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