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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This blog is near and dear to my heart. I want to talk about being vulnerable. Specifically, being vulnerable at church and to other Christians. I have been in church nearly all my life. I have seen the good, the miracles, amazing moments, healings, transformations, and so much more. Unfortunately, I have also seen the bad and the ugly. Critical people. Needy people. Fault finding people. Holier than thou people. People that do the church thing as a “doing my duty” type situation. The clicks. It is sad. We are supposed to be a family. We are supposed to support each other. Instead, some of us tear each other down while pointing other faults out. We all have faults. We all have issues. This is what we ALL need Jesus more and more every single day!

I have known Pastors that felt they could not be vulnerable with people. Showing their issues or problems. They would walk around the church like they have everything together yet inside they are crumbling. The same for leaders, teachers, and the congregation. They have a fear that if people saw their flaws, they wouldn’t be perceived as a holy person but as a person that can’t do anything for Jesus. As someone that needs prayer instead of praying for others. They would see a Pastor as a human being instead of a man or woman of God. Being vulnerable with God is even difficult for many, especially in public and especially men. For some men, they see a man crying, hands up, worshipping the Lord as them being weak because they are crying. They may think they must have some secret sin because they are crying and think less of them. Men are supposed to be tough. They’re supposed to be MEN!

Men, I can say it is NOT a sign of weakness if you show emotion towards the Lord, your wife, or you kids. The love that comes out of you is VITAL to your connection to the Lord, your wife, and your children. It will draw them closer to you. It is a reflection of Jesus. The Bible stated that Jesus wept. Be vulnerable before the Lord. He knows already everything about you. Being vulnerable with Him will bring Him closer to you which we all need. Being vulnerable with your wife will bring her closer to you, strengthen your marriage, your romantic life, and build on your position as the head of the house with your Queen by your side! As far as your children, it is vital they see emotion. They need to see it is ok to show emotion towards the Lord, towards your mate, and towards them. That love that you show them, the Lord, and their mother is the foundations of their relationships as they get older. Wives everywhere should be shouting Hallelujah for this!

Ladies, your strength is in your emotions and your vulnerability. Show the Lord that you rely on Him for everything. Tell Him how much you need Him. Tell your husband how much you need Him. Every wife needs her husband to be the Pastor of their home. The spiritual leader. When that happens, the wife is by his side, two become one. One voice to your children. Two people working in unison to make the house a house that honors Jesus first. A home that serves the Lord. When your children see that established in your home, they will be vulnerable to you. More opportunity to bring vision to them. More opportunity to walk with them down their paths of life, through their hurts, their problems, their issues and to see it is ok in our home to be vulnerable. That vulnerability in the home translates into their relationship with Jesus. When they become vulnerable with the Lord, it affects their entire life!

Today’s Prayer

Jesus, we love you! We can never say it enough, we love you Jesus! Lord, I ask you help us become more vulnerable with you, with our church family, with our family in our home. Help us see others the way you see us, what we can become, not where we are today. Draw us closer to you and Lord, draw closer to us. Pursue us Lord! Pursue our family, our spouse, our children! That we may become vulnerable with you, our church family, and in our home, in Jesus name.


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